Wednesday, June 06, 2018

For what it's worth

Entry edited to clarify actual title holder of the property in question

"I must stress that this is very much a personal, not a political decision," Jackson said at the podium outside his City Hall office.
"I still believe I have much to contribute to Trenton's rebirth, but I believe my contributions will be greater outside the halls of City Hall and the mayor's office," he said. "I am grateful, eternally grateful to every resident for entrusting me with the responsibility of being mayor."
So said outgoing Trenton Mayor, Eric Jackson in Kevin Shea's Times article on January 26 of this year. 
Well, we guess Jackson forgot to add "from outside of Trenton" to his statement.
Looks as though Jackson, like his one time employer and mentor, Doug Palmer, is ready to pack up and leave town once out of office. The soon-to-be former Mayor's Melrose Avenue home in the city's Villa Park neighborhood is on the market for $205,000.

Public records indicate that the house was purchased in 2007 by Denise Johnson, presumably, the now Mrs. Jackson, for $235,000. 

Good luck getting that price.

And goodbye, Mr. Mayor.