Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why the "Front Stoop?"

Here in the Northeastern US, a "stoop" is the small platform leading into a building. In days gone by, neighborhood residents would use their stoops as seating in the communal living room that was their block.

It was from this platform that news was relayed and views were exchanged. From the vantage point of the stoop an eye was kept on the kids playing up and down the street not to mention watching the comings and goings in the neighborhood.

A sense of place, a connection to the community, security all were provided "from the stoop."

With the advent of television, air-conditioning and other incentives to retreat indoors we largely abandoned the stoop in favor of more comfortable, private surroundings indoors. We unplugged from the community and the social fabric started to unravel.

So with this posting I'm launching an attempt to revive the tradition of "the stoop." I'll be mostly musing on items of interest to people in and around Trenton, NJ. But this is the World Wide Web and therefore geography will not restrict topics.

Thanks and keep reading.

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