Monday, November 12, 2007

Uh, Mr. Police Director, Sir. Did you forget something?

So last week's drama over accusations that the Trenton Police Department leadership wasn't reporting crimes accurately or in a timely fashion resulted in the hyping of the fact that the "weekly crime map for Trenton is on the Police Department's Public Safety Information page."

And lo and behold, last week you could find the most recent map posted there.

Now since that startling announcement, there has been another weekly ComStat meeting.

So there should be another, newer, map available for posting on the City website, right?

Oops! Guess again!

So the question is, was this just another "knee jerk reaction" to criticism by the Trenton Police Director to show how open and forthcoming he is about crime?

Or does he really think the community's memory is so short that we have all forgotten about this issue already?

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G Spot said...

I think that Mr. SanDiego was busy this week packing for his move to his new home in Trenton. So hopefully next week, he'll be available and so will the crime map. I'm helping him unpack, and I'll be removing the boards from the windows, and sweeping up the litter and bullet casings at his new home. Love, G Spot on the Downhigh