Monday, December 31, 2007

Ok. Maybe we're not so bad off after all

Looks like Trenton isn't the only city with a Mayor who makes questionable statements or avoids city hall. These two items were gleaned from the Trentonian this morning:

1) Mayor Ken Williams resigned in Centerton, Arkansas (pop. 2,146) in November and revealed that he is actually Don LaRose, an Indiana preacher who abruptly abandoned his family in 1980 because, he said, satanists had abducted and threatened him, and brainwashed him to rub out details of a murder he supposedly knew about. He said his memory returned only recently, thanks to truth serum.

2) Mayor Lino Donato of Poteet, Texas (pop. 3,500), said in November that he would remain in office despite his inability to set foot in city hall. That building is less than 1,000 feet from a youth recreation center and therefore off-limits to Donato, who was adjudicated a sex offender in October.

Well, we're pretty sure there isn't a court order keeping Doug Palmer out of City Hall (or the City, for that matter). Same goes for Joe Santiago and Police Headquarters.

But it would be interesting to see what would happen if doses of that "truth serum" could be administered to Palmer and Santiago.

Here's a toast to an interesting year in Trenton. May you all have the best in health and wealth in 2008!


guy on the canal said...

Hmmm how about this..... Remember the story of the small NH town that in the 60's got foreign aid from the USSR to rebuild a bridge they needed when the US government turn down their request? Needless to say, they embarrassed the hell out of Washington and got their bridge. Let's get someone to introduce an ordinance to pay Booker to come down to Trenton to give us some advice on fighting crime (that would be in the streets, not the stuff in City Hall although he might have some ideas there too). hmmmm that would be FUN.....

Dan G. Tawnie said...

The icing on the cake is Palmer is just a moron. Unfortunately, he hasn't been "abducted" by the devil's people and these antics are his personality.

If he was abducted, maybe they would do some reverse hypnosis stuff on him? Then, we'd really be in business.