Saturday, February 09, 2008

And another thing

Ok. We've used up more than our daily allotment of bandwith today, but this needs to be said.

Angel's Wings is a great non-profit that takes in youths from infancy through 12 years of age that need shelter, care and love. Now a part of Anchor House (which deals similarly with older children), Angel's Wings sports an impressive record placing kids in foster homes and, ultimately, getting some returned to their families or adopted into loving and welcoming homes.

Tonight, Angel's Wings held their 6th annual benefit dinner dance. The previous five were held at the Trenton Marriott. In those five years, there was never an appearance by any Trenton official. Nobody from the Mayor's office. No Councilpeople. Nobody.

This year's event was held at the new Hilton Garden in Hamilton Township. As the guests arrived and checked in, they were greeted not only by Alan Meinster, owner of the now closed Marsilio's and caterer at the hotel, but Hamilon Mayor John Bencivengo. Mayor Bencivengo stayed for most of the proceedings (unlike Trenton's Doug Palmer who breezes in and out at will of those events he deigns to attend.)

Kudos to Mr. Meintster. And to Mayor Bencivengo of Hamilton.

Recognizing the significance of hosting events like the Angel's Wings "From the Heart" gala is an important part of an elected official's duties.

Shame on Mr. Palmer and his "chosen few" for not acknowledging this wonderful organization and their support of Trenton. What would it have taken to have him recognize the value and significance of having this event in Trenton?

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