Friday, April 11, 2008

Caught! Again!

Seems as though long-time Palmer puppet Paul Michael Pintella has been caught in a prevarication yet again.
The multi-term Councilman At Large and two term Council President claimed in yesterday's press that South Ward Councilman Jim Coston had taken the sole initiative to invite dubious developer K. Hovnanian to present to council (and the public)on the status of the Champale site development next week. Claiming that Coston did not follow protocol in this matter, Pintella took it upon himself to cancel the appearance.

Now it comes to light that an actual resolution was presented to and passed by City Council as a body to have K. Hovnanian come in and present its case.

So Paul Michael, you've been caught lying. Again.

And you've been shown to be the servant of the will and whims of the Palmer Administration who has continually secured your seat on council rather than the people you pretend to represent. Again.

Are you proud of yourself, sir?

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