Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Council has a lobotomy

The thinking person's representative steps down Sept. 2

The announced resignation of South Ward Councilman Jim Coston has the city all abuzz this morning.

Jim, a Baptist Minister, has taken a position with a church in Waco, Texas and will be leaving Trenton at the end of the summer.

While we congratulate Reverend Coston on his new position, we can't help but feel sorry for not only the city's South Ward, but Trenton as a whole.

Even if you didn't always agree with Councilman Coston's position or action, you know he gave it thought and considered all the information he had at hand before making a decision. He certainly raised the level of discourse on council to something approaching what you would expect of the city's governing body.

His too brief tenure as an elected representative helped open the public's eyes as to what a councilperson could and should be.

We send our hearty thanks and best wishes to Councilman Reverend Coston and family. And we hope Trenton can survive his departure.

For the remaining members of council who must now choose someone to complete Jim's term, we advise you to choose someone who can continue the work begun by him. Do not make your choice based upon what is politically expedient, popular, or who is propped up by the administration.

Make a choice for someone who will continue to stand uphold the sworn duties and responsibilities of the position.


DTV Deputy CleƤn said...

That's the sound of the smartest guy in the room, leaving behind six mouth-breathers. God help every last one of us.

Anonymous said...

The South Ward has truly benefited and made great strides with Councilman Coston. He's been great to us. I too, hope and urge the remaining Council members to not play politics and select a replacement who will truly act in the best interest of those of us who live in the South Ward; someone to continue the good work of Coston.