Friday, January 01, 2010

I know I didn't have that much to drink

From the Times, January 1, 2010, page A12:

Mayor Palmer is the best choice to lead Trenton

Trenton without Doug Palmer is an unfinished symphony. The man can do more for any citizen in this city. He is educated, super street smart, well-liked by almost everyone and is the best the city has ever had. Do not let him go. Choose to run, Doug. Trenton needs you.

Gregory Bilecki

What can anyone say about this poor misguided man's thought process?


Anonymous said...

I guess poor Mr Bilecki must be deaf, dumb, blind and metally challenged, or else he hasn't actually stepped foot in Trenton in the two decades since Doug took office.

Guyonthecanal said...

Well... if your part of Trenton's ye olde patronage network, the departure of DP may be a real problem.

My new year's prediction is that DP will end up with a seat on the proposed expanded CCRC and continue to wield destruction upon the city like some mythical beast of yore. Look for his endorsement of whoever promises him that seat.