Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hamilton Mayor gets it right

Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo has taken his name off the list of people slated to get a salary increase if a proposed ordinance is passed tonight.  And that's good.

Mayor Bencivengo also proposed the raise for himself and his department directors and other township employees in a specific and very public ordinance.  That is also good.

The proposed salary increases have generated a lot of anger and backlash from the taxpayers. 

Sound familiar?

At least Mayor Bencivengo has been open and above board with the way he has gone about proposing the salary increase.  Mayor Bencivengo has also realized that by taking his raise off the table he shows he understands the feelings of the taxpayers.

Let's point out right now that Mayor Bencivengo oversees the operation of a municipality more than five times the size of the city of Trenton.  Hamilton's population is at least 10% greater than Trenton's and growing while Trenton's is shrinking.  Hamilton's bond rating was recently improved due to it's sound financial management.

And one last point, Mayor Bencivengo (and Mayor Gilmore before him as the salary hasn't increased in a decade) earns about 78% of what Doug Palmer takes home for ruining running the city of Trenton.

Are you paying attention, Doug?  Or is it all the state's fault?


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Now if only Palmer and his cohorts would actually pay attention, learn and act.

Old Mill Hill said...

Hell! They've been ACTING for years!!! Acting like a Mayor, Acting as a Business Administrator, we had an Acting Clerk...

If there was any more acting going on, we'd have to get them into the actor's union!

Anonymous said...

Why blame the state when you have TRAC to kick around! If it weren't for the lawsuit over the sale of the water utility, everything would be just fine!!!