Saturday, June 19, 2010

They never cease to amaze

One of the hallmarks of the outgoing Palmer Administration has been their "efforts" to clean up the city.

We won't delve into whether or not this effort has been successful.  Let it suffice to say that besides the annual clean city march held each April, the only other ongoing process are the neighborhood clean up days.

The various neighborhoods around the city get a week each year where they can pretty much empty out their attics, basements, garages and yards of any unwanted items, especially those not normally collected at curbside.

The Mill Hill Neighborhood's turn is coming up this week.

How did we find out about clean up week?  By fliers placed haphazardly on front porches where they can easily blow away in the breeze or, in the case of vacant houses, be left to get soaked in the rain and then slowly moulder and fall apart.

Nice way to keep our city clean.

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