Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to recall Mayor Mack

Here's a brief rundown of the major steps of the recall process:

  1. Notice of intent to recall is filed with the City Clerk’s office not more than 50 days prior to anniversary of the Mayor's first year in office. (See countdown clock below)
  2. Once approved by the city clerk’s office, the Mayor will be serviced with a copy of the intent to recall notice and post it in the local papers.
  3. The group pushing for the recall has 160 days from the approval to collect and file signatures totaling at least 25% of the registered voters in Trenton.
  4. The city clerk has 10 businesses to certify that the number of signatures collected was sufficient to move forward with the recall.
  5. If the petitions are declared sufficient, there will be an election wherein the voters will cast their ballot to recall the Mayor or not. The election can be a special election or added to the next general election as spelled out in the notice of intent to recall.
  6. At the same time that the voters will decide whether to recall or not, they will be able to vote on someone to replace the Mayor should he be recalled. The Mayor is eligible to run for the office he vacated if the recall is successful.

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