Saturday, September 11, 2010

King me

Kudos to Checkers proprietor Tom Fowler for being the best provisioned and most professional participant in last night’s Trenton Sampler. The event was billed as a kick-off for the city’s first ever participation in the statewide restaurant week (Sept. 19-25). Mr. Fowler was on hand to personally greet and serve his chili to the participants. His food was hot and there appeared to be enough to go around.

The other participants chose to take a “dump and run” approach to the event and one didn’t even bother to show up. They left one or two trays of food on the tables. The stations were un-attended and many of the dishes were not even kept warm. We’re not the squeamish type, but this screams health code violation when food is left in the “danger zone” of above 40 and below 140 degrees F for any length of time. (To be honest, this was negated by the fact that there was so little food compared to the number of participants that it was mostly gone in the first hour).

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Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell me that you attended an event, sponsored by TDA, and participated in by Trenton businesses, was completely half-assed? Well, you've just shaken my belief system to its very core.