Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Six months into the Tony Mack Experience Trenton is still fumbling along.

Six months in and the city still doesn’t have a Business Administrator.

Six months in and the city council has yet to set salaries for the Mayor and his cabinet.

Six months in there are 61 firefighters still hanging by a thread wondering if and when they will be laid off.

Six months in and the dust has not yet settled on the rest of the city workforce: will there be more layoffs, pay cuts, furlough days?

Six months in and we have had two major problems with the Trenton Water Works that many fought so hard to keep intact as a city asset. Besides the “brown water” situation of early October and the Prosecutor’s raid on the department in December, there have been accusations of possible contamination at one of the system’s water tanks and cries for state or regional takeover of the utility.

Six months in and the administration is still tripping over the strings attached to the state aid handed out just before Thanksgiving. This time, it was the failure to clear appointments with the Department of Community Affairs before bringing them to city council…again.

Six months in and there is no real budget on the table and in the process of refinement and approval.

Six months in and there is little reason to expect anything to change in the next six months.

Six months into the Tony Mack Experience Trenton is still fumbling along.


Anonymous said...

It's actually amazing that something WORSE than this sad laundry list hasn't happened (yet). Mack has been given a chance to show us his stuff, and it's obvious that he has got to go. So who should the next mayor be?

Totally Broke said...

What is more disgusting is that the economy is bad for everyone and the City of Trenton is lacking in true leadership. When is the thief who took the jazz performers money going to pay them and the City of Trenton the money that she owes them. City Council Members should be looking into the funds that she owes the City of Trenton!!!

Old Mill Hill said...

Anonymous has asked the $1 million question: Who should the next mayor be?

Ask 10 people and you are likely to get 10 answers. And that is a part of the problem.

The voters are going to have to come together around one candidate who has the ability and will to lead; the sense to seek and follow good counsel; and who will do it not for his or her personal glory but to put the city back on the tracks and moving towards progress.

A tall order to fill.

Old Mill Hill said...

Totally Broke, while I do wish there were more finite and serious repercussions for the "organizer" of the ill-fated festival, at least we cannot blame that mess on the city or Mayor Mack.

The city of Trenton as well as the performers were the victims of a misguided individual.

Digusted with this thief said...

Is it possible that the jazz promoter Annette Njie of Social Elegance and has another company under the disguise of CulturallySavvy who failed to pay the jazz performers for the Trenton International Jazz Festival in September 2010 will be allowed to attend the Trenton Arts Summitt on February 2,2011. She should not be allowed to attend anymore functions for the City of Trenton New Jersey ever again. She should be arrested on the spot if she plans to attend this meeting.