Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dear Mr. Kienle

Letter to the Editor of the Times, Thursday, March 3, 2011:

Let's have Mack's back

With his back to the wall, Tony Mack entered the mayoral office of Trenton. He has been on the defensive ever since (editorial, "Cooperation deficit," Feb. 27).

Politics at any level requires strategy to try to satisfy those who put you in that seat, hoping that it does not become "the hot seat."

Right now, the seat is a bit warm. No one is perfect. Let's try to find a way to help this man out of his dilemma.

This letter is a vote for His Honor, Tony Mack, mayor of Trenton.

Joe Kienle Jr.,


Dear Mr. Kienle,

Agreed…Mayor Mack came into office with facing an unprecedented budget crisis and other problems left to him by the previous administration.

You say the Mayor has been on the defensive ever since. Again, we agree.

Now ask yourself, “Why has the Mayor ‘been on the defensive ever since?’”

Have you not been paying attention, sir?

Shall we start with nominating a twice convicted felon to head up a vital city department? Or how about the questionable judge appointment?

Then there is the summary dismissal of all department heads who served the previous administration and the consequential loss of expertise and knowledge in how the city runs. At the same time, the Mayor filled positions with friends, supporters and the like…most of whom have no experience matching the duties of their jobs.

Or maybe that is the strategy you allude to in your second paragraph. You know the part about trying “to satisfy those who put you in that seat.”

Indeed, the Mayor’s chair is “a bit warm.” And no one, especially our Mayor, is perfect.

You suggest we “try to find a way to help this man out of his dilemma.”

What do you think the likes of Mr. William Guhl was doing? What do you think many of us have offered and tried to do over the past eight months or so?

Many, many people have publically and privately offered assistance and suggestions to help make things right. The Mayor has had none of it.

Mr. Kienle, the plain and simple fact is that Mayor Mack is in over his head; he has refused to accept this fact as steadfastly as he has refused good counsel when offered. Many have tried to have his back, but are forced to turn away because it is of no use.

If you cannot see that the Mack administration to date has been an abject failure then you, sir, are as delusional as the Mayor.

You can not vote for “His Honor” because he has none.

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