Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fundraising for the commission

It looks like another round of "Hey, kids! Let's put on a show!"

Yesterday's big news was the creation of Mayor Mack's Commission for International Business Affairs. This august body was reportedly the result of an executive order issued by the mayor last fall. While we still haven't seen a copy of said order, we do have some questions about this situation.

Can a public body be created by the mayor via an executive order?
What powers would such a body have that require them to be "sworn in?"
How is this commission being funded?

Well, on that last point we have at least a partial answer.

Seems as though after Friday afternoon's "swearing in" ceremony at the Marriott, there will be a special dinner held at Amici Milano restaurant in Chambersburg. Want to attend? Just cough up $250 and you can!  At least that's what the invitation says.

Makes one wonder though...

You're having a ceremony at the hotel which has a ballroom and is fully equipped to handle a large affair, but you are going across town to a restaurant that is much smaller, for your fundraising dinner.

Our guess is that, like the "swearing in ceremony" itself, the idea of changing locations for the dinner is all about making a display.  Just picture it, a motorcade of limousines flying little flags from their fenders and ferrying the diplomats and such wending it's way through Friday evening rush hour traffic from the Marriott to Chambersburg. 


Anonymous said...

They have to go to a smaller room to "accommodate" the tiny crowd of imbeciles willing to cough up $250 to attend this joke.

Anonymous said...

Wow, even with only 10 fools ready to fork over $250 each, the annual budget would be a whopping $2500!!!

This will fade into oblivion very shortly...but will live forever in Tony Crack's list of dubious accomplishments.

Those African countries could throw darts at a map of America and get better partners. LOL! You CAN'T make this stuff up!