Thursday, February 09, 2012

From the inbox

The following arrived in our inbox several times overnight:

Citizens for Appropriate Mayoral Compensation
Somewhere the question arose. And now it is moving thru out the City,” Why are we paying Mayor Mack so much, to do so little?” People are saying that he is excessively over paid. His results are simply not worth the $126,460, annual salary we pay him.
A committee of citizens in favor of appropriate mayoral compensation has formed. Their goal is to build citizen support to move City Council to enact an ordinance reducing Mayor Mack’s compensation to an amount more appropriate for his disappointing level of performance.
Upon taking office, Tony Mack fired every Director in the City administration. He then proceeded to appoint family and friends with little or no experience to these leadership positions: Hardly meritorious performance on his part.
After cooperatively approving his initial appointments against their better judgment, City Council refused to continue approving ill chosen new appointments to those same positions. Tony Mack side-stepped the permanent appointment process by using Acting Director status appointments. We are almost half way thru Mack’s four year term of office. And we have Acting Directors, open positions: Scandalous time keeping for pay purposes, and incompetent employees in many positions. This is not why we pay Tony Mack $126,000 a year.
City Council needs to pass a new ordinance reducing his honor’s pay to something like $80,000 a year, or less. Here is the ordinance.
WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions of the Faulkner Act, N.J.S.A.
40:69A-43a.,40:69A-180 and general municipal law, N.J.S.A. 40A:9-
165, the power to fix the compensation for the offices of Mayor,
City Clerk, Business Administrator, Department Directors, and
City Council Members is required to be exercised by the adoption
of an ordinance; and
WHEREAS the City Council finds that it is in the public interest
That the compensation of the office of Mayor be adjusted and
Fixed at an amount commensurate with the current economic
Circumstances of the City of Trenton and that it and all other
Compensation ordinances shall be restored to published status
along with all published ordinances of the City of Trenton and be
readily accessible by the public; now therefore, be it
ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Trenton as Follows:
1. Effective January 1, 2012, the annual monetary
compensation for the office of the Mayor shall be $80,000.00.
2. Any other provision of the Administrative Code or other
ordinance or instrument which provides for any monetary
compensation other than the amount of money set forth in Section
1. above or is otherwise inconsistent with the provisions of this
ordinance is hereby abrogated, repealed and superseded to the
extent of such inconsistency.
3. The City Clerk is hereby directed to provide for the
inclusion of the foregoing amendment of the Administrative Code
to become published along with the other published portions of
the City of Trenton Ordinances along with any and all future
revisions thereof and to respond to public inquiry with regard
thereto without requiring the formality of a written request for
access to public information.
4. Effective Date. An emergency having been declared with
respect to the effective date of hereof, this ordinance shall
become effective upon final approval and publication.
If you agree that Mayor Mack is over-paid, you should e-mail your Council Person and tell him to introduce and vote for this ordinance. Send your e-mail to Linda Kelsey, Council Aid, , and ask her to distribute it to each Council member.
You should also call your Council person and urge him to introduce and vote for this ordinance. All of them can be reached at their office telephone, 609-989-3146 .
And finally, you need to attend City Council meetings and ask them to introduce and pass this ordinance.
Please plan to attend the next Council meeting Thursday, February 16, at 5:30. If each of you do that, Council will be compelled to do your will, and will enact this ordinance. Then the Mayor will be paid a salary more appropriate for his level of performance in these poor economic times.
Please feel free to share this wonderful request with your friends and relatives. Encourage them to make a difference by joining this effort for more appropriate Mayoral compensation.
From your committee of Citizens for Appropriate Mayoral Compensation.


Anonymous said...

Copied. Pasted. Sent to Ms. Kelsey. Here's hoping that council has the guts to read and vote on this. After Mayor Schreck's performance in front of council last week, its the least they can do for us lowly constituents who PUT THEM ON COUNCIL!!!!

Capital 3 said...

Thanks for this, sent it with my support to Ms. Kelsey & Mr. Muschal, my councilman. Hopefully I can attend the council meeting as well.
If the Mayor is able to attract employers and ease tax burden for citizens, I may support a return of the compensation to a higher amount, however even 126k seems higher than market appropriate for a decent job.