Sunday, April 01, 2012

Mayor Mack is a cry baby

The following is the text of a press release posted on the City of Trenton website Friday, March 30, 2012. It is a childish rant from a mayor who is upset that a majority of city council stood up to him.

While he encourages the public to contact the four members of council he singles out (Caldwell-Wilson, Chester, Holly-Ward, and Muschal) and tell them they have done wrong, we feel just the opposite. These four did the right thing, the right way. They should be congratulated, not castigated.

What do you think?

March 30, 2012

MAYOR                                                                          609-989-3030


Today, because of the actions of four irresponsible and selfish Trenton City Council members we are forced to layoff all of the Mayor's Office staff. This selfish act could potentially harm the health, safety and welfare of the City. These actions are unprecedented by City Council members, statewide and perhaps nationally, for that matter. Council members Phyllis Holly-Ward, George Muschal, Zachary Chester and Marge Caldwell-Wilson actions are both self-serving and detrimental to all residents, businesses and the community at large.

This is the first time in the history of our City that the Mayor has been left with no staff to conduct the taxpayer's business. This "do nothing" action by Council members Phyllis Holly- Ward, George Muschal, Zachary Chester, and Marge Caldwell-Wilson is both draconian and egregious in nature.

We ask residents for their patience as we work through this mess. Make no mistake about it, as Mayor of this City, I am determined as ever to succeed on behalf of all the residents in this great City!

I urge the citizens of Trenton to join me and urge your council representatives Phyllis Holly-Ware [sic], George Muschal, Zachary Chester and Marge Caldwell-Wilson to respect the history of our great City and its significance to our great Country.

C: Trenton Times
All City Council Members


Anonymous said...

I've sent a note of support to Marge, my council-person, for getting the mayor to use the word "draconian." Good work, Marge!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd criticize the staff that wrote that poorly worded announcement, but realized Tony probably had to write it himself.

It's about the level of quality you would expect considering the author.

**Tony - A good rule of thumb for this kind of thing.

Write it once, read it - cut in in half - then read it again. Cut it in half again and then it's ready send it out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to those four councilpersons for doing the right thing.