Monday, April 08, 2013

Civil Service Commission orders Mendez gone!

In an order issued on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, the NJ Civil Service Commission determined that the layoff of former head of the Trenton Park Rangers, Michael Morris, was faulty and ordered him reinstated.

Robert "Chico" Mendez who had been hired as a "seasonal" employee when Mayor Mack took office was ordered to be removed from his position.

Mendez, a long-time supporter of the mayor, had been put in charge of the Park Ranger staff even before the September, 2011 layoff that initially removed Morris from the city payroll.

This decision follows a similar one last September that called for the removal of Mack hires, Dave Briegle, Charles Hall and Henry Page from their posts as "Water Meter Readers" with the Trenton Water Works.

Hall, who worked in the city Recreation, Natural Resources and Culture department while being paid as a TWW employee has since plead guilty to charges in both the Tony Mack corruption case and the Jo Jo Giorgianni drug distribution case.

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Anonymous said...

But Mack assured us in the newspaper last week that Chico is still in the City's employ...but but could he DO that?!?!? ;)