Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Director Speaks But Is Anyone Really Listening?

I was only able to be at the City Council Conference session for an hour last night but that was enough.

From what I heard, plus what I read in this morning's papers we got the usual flood of verbal absurdities from Police Director Joseph Santiago.

First, on the funeral took four days to come up with the cover story that the attending officers requested to go to the funeral and have now requested to take administrative leave for that day so as not to burden the taxpayers. This, we are told, was done out of respect.

Well, what about respect for those taxpayers? Even if, as the Director would have us believe, this escort was arranged without his prior knowledge and strictly because the four officers "wanted to go," who authorized the use of multiple city vehicles?

What about respect for the laws of the city of Trenton and a Police Director who doesn't reside here and hasn't for some time!

What about respect for the intelligence and sensibilities of those individuals who can see through the double-speak and blame avoidance clearly enough to ask tough questions but are vilified and criticized for their efforts to understand.

Director Santiago essentially gave the same speech (sermon?) last night that he gave on his previous visit to Council about 6 months ago. Nothing has changed in what he is saying or doing. Nothing has changed in the effectiveness of his tactics.

Alternating between "I am the Trenton Police Department" and "This is not a Police problem..." Director Santiago seems like he wants the "respect," but shirks the responsibility.

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