Friday, May 11, 2007

Kodak Moment

So, yesterday I dropped off my trusty old Minolta SLR, a couple of flash units and some additional lenses at Trenton Central High School (TCHS). Seems the students in the photography classes there don't have enough equipment to go around so they have to share.

If you've ever taken a photography course, you know that much of the lesson work involves taking pictures and processing film and prints. Can you imagine how difficult it must be to complete an assignment in time to hand off the camera to a classmate and hope that they don't make a mistake that effects the images you captured?

Since so many people are moving from film to digital imaging, a call has gone out from TCHS for donations of working, 35 mm Single Lens Reflex cameras...preferably with some sort of manual operation mode so the students can learn how to manipulate shutter speed and aperature settings for creative impact. This seemed to me like a great idea to augment the stretched to the breaking point resources of Trenton's school district.

It has been some time since I used any of my film camera equipment. I picked up a digital camera a few years back and that was that. Still, I was having a hard time deciding what to do with my old 35 mm gear.

When I received the email asking for equipment to be donated I had a Eureka! moment.

Now I knew what I would do with my equipment. Donate it to the school.

Yes, I'm sad that for the first time in over 40 years I don't own a film camera. I remember the thrill of getting my first SLR and all the adventures my cameras accompanied me on over the years. Although not a great photographer myself, I love the medium and count several excellent practitioners of the art amongst my acquaintences.

Here's hoping that through these equipment donations some Trenton kids will develop an appreciation and love for photography as I have. The equipment is being put to use and it's not taking up space in a closet or (worse) landfill somewhere.

Got some equipment you'd like to donate? Contact Beth Paugh and Trenton Central High School. Tell her you heard about this "From the Front Stoop."

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