Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can We Be Honest, Just Once?

Capital Health System has announced that it is interested in developing a first class, tertiary care facility in Trenton. (Think Cooper Medical Center in Camden) This would mean an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in the City. Some of the money would come from the State of NJ which, by the way, has expressed an interest in just such a facility.

Mayor Palmer says, "No thank you. I want St. Francis (Medical Center) to build it. Downtown."

Well Mayor Palmer, how about some full disclosure.

How about you are trying to prop up the sagging fortunes of St. Francis Medical Center which is in need of some tertiary care itself. Even after you "suggested" this plan to St. Francis' management, they have not done the necessary planning nor do they have even have the proportionate amount of funding that CHS does to put toward such a major development. (Translation: more government investment)

How about the fact that old friend and confidant Bill Watson is on the Board of Trustees for St. Francis?

How about you tell the truth and the whole truth. Just once.

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