Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Don't Even Think It

This morning residents of Trenton's Mill Hill neighborhood awoke to find they were the victims of an apparent gang-related spate of "criminal mischief." Several buildings and cars were spray painted with signs and sayings consistent with those of the city's gang element.

Police response was apparently quite thorough. The 200 blocks of Mercer and Jackson and adjacent streets and alleys were blocked off by mid-morning so that investigators could photograph and videotape the vandalism. Officers, accompanied by Police Director Santiago, canvassed residents.

Additionally, city graffiti removal crews were dispatched as soon as possible to work on the buildings that had been "tagged."

Now, I want to get this on the record before any of our local scribes or activists start howling about preferential treatment for Mill Hill.

From what I have seen and heard about this situation, the city's response was what any neighborhood that is actively engaged in making things better in Trenton should expect.

Everyone in Trenton should get the best services the city has to offer, in good times and in bad. If and when the City leadership fails the residents (as in the lapses previously noted in the posting about Sunday's situation on Centre Street), it is the responsibility of the citizens to hold that leadership accountable.

When the system goes to work for the people, it is what is expected of them. So don't cry foul or ask why? Ask why it isn't always the norm and ask your leaders to do better.

What happened in Mill Hill last night should not happen anywhere, anytime.

What happened by way of a response from the Trenton Police and Public Works Departments should happen everywhere and all the time.

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