Sunday, January 20, 2008

The three "R's"

Read this, do the arithmetic and write to the appropriate parties.

A group of concerned citizens has provided the following information supporting the the saving and renovation of Trenton Central High School.

What you can do . . .

• Attend the Special Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 at 5:30pm. Formal action may be taken at this meeting.

• Attend the Regular Board of Education meeting on Monday, January 28, 2008 at 7:00pm. Arrive between 6:00-6:15 to sign up to speak.

Both meetings are at the Board of Education building at 108 N. Clinton Avenue

• Send this information to others so that they can also speak up.

• Contact the following people and tell them we need to follow-through on renovation plans for Trenton High School now.

Trenton Board of Education. Send emails to the Board Secretary and let her know you want your comments distributed to all the Board members: Joyce M. Kersey, Diane Campbell, Alexander Brown, Lucy Guzman, Lisa Kasabach, Harry Luna, Marcellus Smith, Donald Shelton, and Nicola Tatum.

Trenton City Council. City Council passed a resolution in support of saving Trenton High School on January 17th. Let them know we need their continued support. The resolution was introduced by Councilwoman Annette Lartigue other council contact information can be found at (Contact Information – scroll to City Council)

Mayor Douglas Palmer. We need his help with the state to ensure Trenton gets what it deserves – now that all the suburbs have their new schools

State School Development Authority (SDA). They oversee the design and construction of schools. Scott Weiner, Chief Executive Officer or 609-943-5955

State Department of Education (DOE). Along with the SDA, they determine which projects will get funding. Lucille Davy, Commissioner (609) 292-4450

State Legislators. They represent our interests at the state level. Senator Shirley Turner (609)-530-3277, Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman (609) 292-0500, Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (609)-292-0500. For emails go through steps at

Write an op-ed for the local newspaper and tell them why Trenton High must be saved. Trenton Times; Trentonian or contribute anonymously to “BackTalk” by calling 609-396-7030

Sign up your organization, civic group or yourself as an official “Save Trenton High” supporter. To sign up as a supporter please email with your name and contact information.

For more information, go to . This effort is being organized by the Trenton Historical Society, the Trenton Preservation Committee, the Trenton High School Alumni Association and dozens of individual Trenton residents and tax payers just like you.

And it bears keeping in mind that if the renovation plan had been executed three years ago, the project would be at least near completion and the costs would have been lower. The state has been dragging its feet on this and now wants to force Trenton to do the wrong thing.

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