Thursday, October 02, 2008

He just doesn't get it.

Doug whistle-stops in Florida for Obama while ignoring the train wreck that is Trenton.

His mediocre-ness, Czar Douglas the First is off on another junket; hanging out with Bill Clinton, stumping for Obama in Florida.

In the meantime, Trenton continues to crumble and collapse.

Fresh from Saturday night's Preservation New Jersey recognition for his commitment to historic preservation (a put up job if ever there was one!), Doug hightailed it Florida for a Conference of Mayor's event and to suck up to Obama campaign staffers.

In a piece in this morning's Times, Andrew Kitchenman wrote:
Palmer said his main focus on the trip remains the mayors' agenda, and that he is raising his concerns about Trenton with Obama campaign officials.

"It's important that Trenton with 85,000 people is as important as New York City" to national officials, Palmer said.

Once again, Doug shows just how disconnected he is from the realities of Trenton today. That 85,000 population figure was accurate at the time of the 2000 census. Current figures put the population at just under 83,000. That's a 2.6% decrease in less than a decade.

A decade that Doug frequently likens to a renaissance in Trenton.

A decade others compare to the dark ages.

Last week, we suggested Doug had two choices, step up, take control and do right by the city or walk away and let us get on with turning Trenton around.

Seems he's still chasing dreams of a high profile job anywhere but here. It looks like he's made up his mind.


westwrdguy57 said...

That is correct, oldmillhill, the pop here is now under 83,000 and counting.. down. I missed a couple of issues of the local papers so I was shocked, but not surprised to learn Palmer was in Florida rallying for Obama. This guy has zero shame. Barack Obama I figured could use someone else to hand out fliers. If the The US Conference of Mayors only knew Mr Palmer for real. So many other good people; hard working mayors deserved to be President of that organization during that period. What a waste bestowing more undeserved praise on some parasite who refuses to live in his own town.

And what a joke comparing NYC to here. New York City has a population about 90 times that of Trenton's. Mayor Bloomberg is a responsible mayor who accepts no salary. He also believes in term limits and all out tax breaks for low incomers and seniors. Despite the fact the people of NYC want him for another term, Bloomberg is reluctant to take it. He is not out to pursue any fame in trying for higher political office. Sure, his salary is pocket change, to him. Bloomberg though has given a whole lot away to charity.

Most of us would cling on to that dollar up to their very death even if they were billionaires.

What has Mr self aggrandizing Palmer given back to the this city he claims to love so much? A city he refuses to live in anymore. I say since he has now come into all that wealth living with his multimillionaire wife who despises this place, he should either give up his salary for the remainder of his term on the grounds of being derelict of duty, or donate about like a half million dollars or so to keep the library system open. I cannot understand just why The Trentonian heaps so much praise on this parasite. Every time anyone says anything negative about Hizzoner that paper (and it is a pro Republican one) will never admit it might just be truth. His dishonor is not a nice person nor a great politician who is 'going places', as the editor of that paper so often points out. A politician with any integrity of character would quit now and give someone else a chance to run Trenton. He knows he is hated by so many here but still stays on.

This selfish bumb would never miss an opportunity at another compliment to feed the bottomless pit of his sick need for flattery.

Old Mill Hill said...

Good points.

But it does look like Mayor Bloomberg is changing his mind about running for a third term:

And as for the Trentonian, I'd say the staff of the paper is split on Palmer at best. While there may be one or two high profile columnists who seem to fluff Palmer's image every chance they get, there are just as many...if not more, who write with there eyes wide open.