Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This is a complete outrage

Doug Palmer has lost his mind.

The Times of Trenton reported shortly after noon that Doug Palmer would hold a press conference at 12:30 pm EDT to announce the appointment of Irving Bradley, Jr. as the new Trenton Police Director.

This is without a doubt the most blatantly irresponsible move made to date by the despotic egomaniacal Palmer.

Bradley does not meet the requirements of bona fide residency. He's been a city employee for over a year and only recently registered to vote here.

He's got a criminal record.

He was deemed unqualified for the position of Communications Director, yet he's qualified to hold the position the Communications Director reports to?

Interestingly, there are a couple of items pending on this weeks council docket regarding organizational structure of the police and fire departments and the qualifications for the police director. How coincidental.

Palmer is out of his mind if he thinks this will fly. And the city is in no position to fight another round of court battles to prove Doug wrong again.

City council had better stand tall on this one or there will be an open revolt in the streets.


guyonthecanal said...

Ok... more total disregard for the city and state law and yet another law suit to be filed..still think a recall is out of the question at least as a statement of protest?

Old Mill Hill said...

Sir Guy,

Nice to hear from you. It's been awhile.

Here's what it would take for a recall at this moment:

Approximately 1900 registered voters who are Trenton residents would have to sign the recall petition to get the recall on a ballot to be voted on. The actual number is I believe equal to 25% of the number of registered voters who voted in the last general election in Trenton.

If the proper amount of signatures is obtained, then a special election would be held wherein the Trenton electorate would vote to recall Mr. Palmer or not. (It is past the deadline to have the recall added to the Nov. 4 ballot).

There are some other specifics, but that is the general requirement to get a recall going.

Chrissy said...

I wonder, at this point, if it might be more effective to recall one (or more) of the council people?

Old Mill Hill said...


It is hard to say which would be more effective...and practical.

While a recall of a council member (or two or more) might change the make-up and fortitude of the body, it would not prevent the despotic Palmer from carrying on in his typically arrogant manner.

Changing council would not stop the bullying or the excesses which are draining the lifeblood from this city.

The war would still have to be fought, albeit with an army reconstituted with a fresh body or two...if the recall is successful.