Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Trentonians,

What follows is not news. It is not a revelation. It is simple, common sense.

Read it or don’t.

Heed it or don’t.

If you want a better city, do something about it.

Stop condoning violence through inaction. You know who has the guns, who is shooting at whom and why. Speak up. There are confidential tip lines set up to protect your identity if that is your concern.

Your silence is killing this city.

Parents, if you want a better school system and better educational opportunities for your children, get involved. Discipline your children. Teach them how to act in a productive, not disruptive, way. Show them what is acceptable behavior and standards of dress. Reinforce that learning is good and hard work is the way to a better life. Dissuade them from the flash and dazzle portrayed in popular culture by teaching them lasting values.

Do it with actions as well as words, even if it means dropping a few of your own pretences. Do you really need that Mercedes or BMW SUV when a Ford or Chevy will serve you just as well and cost you less to maintain?

And if you are worried about what your kids are doing in their spare time…get out of your chair; leave the bar and find out. We have sports leagues crying for participating children AND PARENTS! Take advantage of the opportunities to engage in positive activities with your children. Being a parent is not the same as making a baby.

Tired and frustrated by wading through the filth and garbage in our streets and lots? Clean it up! If you want others to take pride in and care of this city, you must set the example. Maintain your property to the best of your ability and help others do the same for theirs. Again, leading by example will make a difference.

Want a better, more accountable government? Get involved. Follow what is going on by reading the local papers, talking to your neighbors and the various blogs. Inform yourself on the issues. Don’t rely solely on what elected officials tell you. Take the time to research and reflect on the information available, then communicate your thoughts and opinions to the Mayor and Council.

If, after all of your input, you feel that your elected officials are not serving the best interests of the city…

…remove them from office.


Mister Clean said...

I dunno...sounds like an awful lot of...gasp!...WORK.

Old Mill Hill said...

While certainly not as easy as sitting back and complaining and doing nothing, we maintain that even the slightest effort put forth would result in positive, forward movement.

Mister Clean said...

Yes. What I think you're talking about is "Insanity, Trenton Style," which I define as "doing nothing ten times in a row, and expecting different results."