Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Make it right, Mayor Mack

Monday’s arrest of Paul Sigmund is a very sad turn of events.


Let’s be perfectly clear here: Mr. Sigmund obviously has some problems that we all hope he will seek proper treatment for. May he find the will and the way to overcome his personal demons and correct his path. And may his family be able to move through and past this chapter of their lives.


While we wish Mr. Sigmund and his family well, there are other more public and pressing matters that must not be swept aside in sentimentality.


Mayor Mack’s judgment is once again in question.


Are we to believe that the Mayor knew nothing of Mr. Sigmund’s problems before bringing him on board less than two months ago? Rumors and questions about just what was reported in Mr. Sigmund’s required background check have swirled since his appointment as Chief of Staff was announced.



The New York Times reported that Mack spokesperson Lauren Ira stated that Mr. Sigmund submitted to and passed the required drug test at the time of his hiring.


Are we to believe then, that only in the last seven weeks Mr. Sigmund has developed a heroin habit?


Last month there was the speeding incident where Mr. Sigmund was stopped for driving a city owned vehicle 35 miles over the speed limit. It was later learned that Mr. Sigmund had neither a valid New Jersey nor California driver’s license.

Are we to believe that, as was claimed at the time, the city administration had no knowledge of Mr. Sigmund’s lack of valid driving privileges?


Mayor Mack it is time for you to step up and do the right things: 
  1. You need to ask for Mr. Sigmund’s resignation immediately.
  2. You need to come clean about what you really knew about Mr. Sigmund’s background; his substance abuse problem and his suspended driver’s license.
  3. You need to issue an executive order directing all elected and appointed officials of the city of Trenton to immediately submit to a drug test.
  4. You need to remember that the first day to submit the paperwork initiating the recall process is just eight days away.

Mayor Mack, your poor judgment has yet again put the city of Trenton in a bad light and the taxpayers on the hook. We are fortunate that the events above did not take a more tragic route where someone was injured or worse while your appointee illegally operated a city owned vehicle while speeding or driving under the influence or both.

This may very well be your last chance to make things right.


Anonymous said...

This oh sooo true. I doubt, however, the mayor will take note. For many reason, I am disinclined to cut Paul Sigmund a break. Well written post. PHS

Chrissy Ott said...

I think heroin passes relatively quickly through the body (a few days), and while I can't help but wonder if Sigmund actually took a drug test, my bet is that the city might use the cheaper/quicker/less accurate urine test, or the new oral variety, where the testee holds something like a toothbrush against the wall of his/her mouth for a few minutes (as opposed to the far more accurate hair test). IF he submitted to an oral or urine test, there's a good chance he could have passed by laying off the smack for a few days.

This guy has put Trenton in the news way too much in the last few weeks, and he needs to go. So does Mack.