Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Spin, spin, spin

Well, there you have it.
A group has come together and filed the necessary paperwork to start the recall process for Mayor Mack.

Late Monday afternoon, a response was posted on the City of Trenton website. Besides being a questionable use of city resources in the service of the Mayor trying to hold onto his position, the press release contained erroneous information along with the usual poor grammar we’ve come to expect from this administration.

In the release, it is stated that: Under the law it is the requirement of the recall committee to pay for the costs associated with the actual election.

FACT: the city foots the bill for any special elections held as a result of a recall effort.  The city's statement is point blank incorrect.

And while we’re at it, the $100,000 figure touted as the cost of a recall may be a little high. But, for the sake of easy math, let’s accept it. The simple fact is that $100,000 spent on anything calculates to a tax increase of about $0.00507, or about 1/2 of 1 cent per $100 of valuation. That means if your home is assessed at $100,000, a special election would cost you $5.07 more in taxes.

It is an added cost, yes. But compared to some of the other waste that is occurring in city hall, it isn’t much.

We’re paying that much right now for the Mayor’s two “grant writers” who have produced absolutely zero in the way of revenue for the city. In fact, looking over public records, we are hard put to find even a half dozen grant applications that can be credited solely to either of these individuals. Cut them loose…save over $100,000 just in salaries and a bit more in benefits.

Don’t let the rhetoric from city hall fool you. The constant spinning of the facts have left them all a little dizzy.

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