Friday, June 10, 2011

What's Mack serving?

At the Trenton Council of Civic Associations meeting on Thursday, June 9, it was announced that Mayor Mack would hold a “catered picnic” for all civic association members and their families on June 29 in Cadwalader Park.

Mayoral aide and alleged grant writer Yakial Garnier (who also happens to be Councilwoman At Large Kathy McBride’s daughter) made the announcement to the gathering and provided a letter from the Mayor as an invitation.

Everyone is welcome, the city only requests that you RSVP to Ms. Garnier “ASAP.”

Now, we don’t want to be overly suspicious, but why is it that we first learn about this event recognizing “the essential work, effort and time each Civic Organization dedicates to making their communities safe , and more vibrant places to live” just a couple of days after a group of citizens filed notice of intent to recall the mayor?

This couldn’t possibly be a ploy to play to the Mayor’s base constituency who has shown they can be readily bought for free food and maybe a voucher for some cash? You do remember the fiasco after last year’s runoff election when there was a near riot on Hamilton Avenue because Mack’s campaign workers were given vouchers (illegal under NJ election laws) for food and pay, don’t you?

Yes, the timing of the announcement of this picnic is more than a little ripe. But that is not all that stinks.

Anyone else wondering where the money is coming from to pay for a “catered” picnic for an as yet unknown number of people just three weeks hence?

Certainly, if the city has the money, it could be put to better use.

And if it is coming from the Mayor’s campaign committee, he’d better make a full accounting of it.


Anonymous said...

Desperate and stupid, a dangerous combination.

Lamberton Lilly said...

Like so many other actions from the current administration, I found this sudden desire to recognize the hardworking members of the various civic associations, suspicious and in ever so slightly bad taste. Just my opinion. PHS