Monday, September 26, 2011

Is Nate Jones a fraud?

While we eagerly await Judge Feinberg's decision on the validity of Nathaniel M. Jones, Jr's appointment as Municipal Court Director for the city of Trenton, you might want to review the following material.

First up, Mr. Jones' resume as furnished upon request by the city of Trenton.

On that resume, Mr. Jones lists both bachelor and juris doctorate degrees from Howard University in Washington, DC.

A search done via the National Student Clearinghouse online service revealed the following fact about Mr. Jones:

Name On School's Records:NATHANIEL M JONES
Date Awarded:N/A
Degree Title:No Degree -- Enrollment Only
Official Name of School:HOWARD UNIVERSITY
Major Course(s) of Study:POLITICAL SCIENCE
Dates of Attendance:08/21/1978 to 05/08/1981

Assuming this information is indicates that Mr. Jones incorporated some untruths on his resume.

Also on the resume, Mr. Jones states that he was admitted to the Bar in Pennsylvania. 

This was apparently true.  But he doesn't mention that in 1995, his name appeared on the list of attorneys tranasferred to inactive status by order of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and its Disciplinary Committee. (see page 11 of the listing).

While nothing in the NJ Civil Service title description of Court Director specifies that a law degree be required, it certainly appears as though Mr. Jones might have fudged the point of his qualifications.

The fact that the Mack administration doesn't seem bothered about this lapse in truthfulness on the part of an appointee is somewhat indicative if the Mayor's lax approach to ethics.

Jones should be removed and made to repay all the salary he has collected since his appointment.

Mack should be recalled.


Anonymous said...

I'm losing track of these idiots and what they've done. I need a scorecard to keep track of this debacle.

Old Mill Hill said...

On the one hand, it is hard to keep track of everything.

On the other, it's deja vu all over again.

A year ago, we were fussing about the appointment of Judge Sumners and learning about her "issues".

Now it is Nate Jones Jr and his.

Last year it was Carlton Badger's criminal record and his appointment to head Housing and Economic Development.

This year, Carmen Melendez and her business failures.