Friday, December 07, 2012

He got what he wanted

Tony F. Mack has dreamed of leaving his mark on Trenton.

He succeeded yesterday, but not in the way he probably had expected.

Tony Mack became the first sitting mayor in the 333 year history of New Jersey’s capital city to be indicted.

Tony, the affable three-sport standout from Trenton High was able to rise above the bleak prospects of life in the city’s Wilbur section. He attended Howard University and came home to become a bright light in the city and county Democratic Party. A former protégé of then Mayor Doug Palmer, Mack eventually became member of the Mercer County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Somewhere, somehow, something went awry.

Some say Mack was mistreated by his former mentor and/or the county political machine.

Others think he may have squandered his natural political skills.

We think his reach exceeded his grasp.

Tony Mack ventured way beyond the limits of his abilities and skated out onto thin ice.

The simple fact is Tony Mack was in over his head in a variety of ways.

His personal finances were a mess. His political career was on the skids. His prospects for gainful employment were apparently non-existent.

The tenacity he showed as a star wrestler, the no-quit attitude kept him plugging away. His warm smile and “look at me, I’m not supposed to be here” story were engaging enough to squeeze him into the mayor’s office in July 2010.

What happened since then has been a well documenteddisaster.

It is very true that an indictment is not a conviction and we all believe strongly in the “innocent until proven guilty” ethos.

Yet Tony Mack is guilty. He is guilty of gross incompetence; guilty of blind prejudice and a mad desire to gain vengeance over those he believes have wronged him. He is guilty of mistaking love of self for love of our city.

Tony Mack should resign, immediately from his position of Mayor of the City of Trenton. His vanity; his ego is holding our city hostage.

Nothing. NOTHING! Not one damn thing will be done that can move Trenton forward unless and until Mr. Mack is mayor no more.

Of course, if he were to resign, his troubles will worsen exponentially.

It is not too much of a stretch to imagine that, with the amount of debt we know he carries, a sudden lack of regular income will send a herd of creditors to his doorstep, hands out, wanting their due. His attorney may be among those looking for that first position to be paid.

So it is that Tony Mack will stick it out until the last possible minute. He will forsake his professed love for Trenton; he will forsake his devotion to his family’s well being simply to avoid having to say, “Enough! I can’t do this anymore. I quit!”

Tony Mack should do some real soul searching but he can’t. When he stands before a mirror, he doesn’t see the wretched mess he has made of his brief tenure as mayor of Trenton. He only sees the nice suit, the warm, affirming smile.

Tony Mack cannot see the reality. He only sees his “projection” of what he wants that reality to be. And that image is getting dim.

Tony Mack has made his mark on Trenton all right. He won’t soon be forgotten, but he will not be remembered fondly.

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Unknown said...

To say that this assessment is as fair and considered as the man is likely to get at this point takes nothing away from how damning it is at the same time.

We are surely in the endgame for Tony Mack,although it is one that will still take a long time to fully unwind. Until then, we will see much more embarrassment, much more scandal, and the ongoing paralysis holding this city from any recovery.

Nicely done.