Saturday, December 08, 2012

Then again...

Further research reveals Tony Mack is NOT the first!

Yesterday, we stated that Trenton's current mayor was the first in the city's history to be indicted while in office.

We were wrong.

In 1947, then mayor Donal Connolly was indicted by a Mercer County grand jury. Mayor Connolly was charged with a misdemeanor conspiracy for absconding (a few years earlier) with $1,600 in licensing fees while he was secretary to the State Beauty Culture Control Board. He was ultimately acquitted.

So we will correct yesterday's statement to read this way:
Tony Mack became the first sitting mayor in the 333 year history of New Jersey’s capital city to be indicted on charges based on his actions while in office.
The rest of what we posted yesterday, we stand by.

Mayor Mack should, for the good of the city, step down.

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