Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Who is responsible?

Remember back in November of 2011 when the city announced the beginning of the “Trenton Gateway Project?

This was the streetscape improvement project centered on the Market Street/Warren Street intersection in front of the then-under-construction new criminal courthouse. The project was funded by a $5.3 million grant from the Delaware Joint Toll Bridge Commission.

Alex Zdan wrote this in the Times article published November4, 2011.
“The project will include new traffic signals, repaving of New Warren and Market streets, and landscaping in the area. Improvements will lead to greater safety for pedestrians, better traffic movement, and a more appealing streetscape, authorities said.”

Well, the project was finished earlier this year. The grass and plantings along the sidewalks bordering the streets are nicely maintained. The traffic islands in the middle, not so much.

South Warren at Livingston, looking towards Market Street

Roundabout at Livingston and S. Warren looking towards Broad
Is this the “more appealing streetscape” the authorities touted?

Why do we think this has happened? Does anyone know?

Is this the city’s responsibility? The county’s? The state?

Or did we work on this plan without determining who should maintain the plantings in the middle of the road?


Anonymous said...

Money was made by someone, and what the hell, it's Trenton after all - no standards apply here. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

I was just driving around that area and I must say, its very confusing and the landscaping being so high makes it even worse. Sometimes I feel like Its a black cloud covering Trenton because nothing seems to go right. Only left.