Monday, August 25, 2008

Did Palmer administration officials promise a do nothing job

Letter alleges special treatment for son of labor leader

The Missing Mayor website ( has posted a copy of a letter purportedly sent to city officials that details alleged preferential treatment of an employee.

The letter alleges that Dominick Talone, son of city union president Dave Talone, was given a job at the Trenton Sewer Utility in September of 2007.

Respectfully yours,
Concerned Employees of the Water and Sewer Utility

the letter was sent to city council and members of the Public Works Department senior staff.

The writers raise questions about the how and why the younger Talone is treated differently than the very rank and file workers represented by his father. There are allegations of "numerous absences, no calls, or no shows." Although he started just under a year ago, the letter charges that Dominick Talone was given a raise after only a month on the job instead of waiting to his anniversary date as is standard.

Interesting, that the union represented by the elder Talone is supposed to stand for fair and equitable employment practices; practices that offer protection from political favoritism for public employees. But here we have a claim that the son of a union official is the beneficiary of just such special treatment.

Interesting, too, that the union in question has recently concluded contract negotiations with the city while the Police and Fire Unions are still working under contracts that expired three years or more ago. (It needs to be noted that once a new contract is agreed to, whatever increases in pay result will be retroactive to the old contract date...meaning a large lump payment to the police and fire personnel; a large payment the city can ill afford!)

Now, if we're not mistaken, Mr. Palmer is currently off schmoozing at the Democratic National Convention trying to land his next gig.

And one of the aims of the convention is to build party solidarity behind their Presidential candidate; solidarity that brings the blue-collar workers and union members back to the Democratic fold.

All the while, one of the party's "brightest and best" has let his administration betray the very ideals of fair labor practices.

Something stinks and it isn't just the sewage plant.

Let's see how they handle this one from 319 East State Street; or Hunterdon County; or Denver.

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