Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Psst! Do you want to know a secret?

Seems as though the Palmer machine, dysfunctional though it may be, set the grapevine humming via its unofficial mouthpiece, Mr. Larry "L.A." Parker.

In this morning's edition of the Trentonian, Mr. Parker "reports" that unidentified sources have stated that former Police Director Santiago will move into the city in an attempt to regain his appointment.

Word of the story began to circulate Tuesday evening raising eyebrows and tempers across town. And that was just what the scenario was intended to do.

Once again, the Trentonian's Mr. Parker showed that he is nothing more than a pawn of the Palmer administration by writing up and submitting a biased piece of public information flim-flam disguised (barely) as reporting.

Fellow blogger and co-plaintiff in the suit that upheld the City's residency ordinance, Greg Forester, exposes Parker's professional lapses in an entry today. We agree that Parker irresponsibly compromised his position as a supposedly unbiased and independent reporter by allowing himself to be used to "float" the notion that Santiago would take up residency and be reappointed to the Director position by Palmer.

Obviously, Palmer and Santiago hope to gauge public reaction to the "rumors" to design their next move in this game they are trying to run on City Council and the public.

Palmer and Santiago seem to hope the hardworking, taxpaying citizens of Trenton will overlook the hundreds and thousands of dollars spent defending the Mayor's illegally granted residency waiver. Money that the cash strapped city can ill afford at this time.

They are also overlooking and possibly condoning the continued illegal actions of errant police Captain Paul "Capt. Sleepy" Messina. Why isn't Mr. Parker reporting on that situation?

The truth is Palmer and Santiago are using their "inside" man, L.A. Parker, as their lead propagandist. By manipulating the "news" they hope to control public opinion of their failed leadership.

That is the real secret and they do not want you to realize it.

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