Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who’s minding the store?

Mr. Palmer is in Denver shopping his resume to anyone who will give him the time of day.

The former Police Director, with only weeks left to complete the transition of leadership, is rarely seen in town these days.

Captain Paul “Sleepy” Messina is attending an out of town conference when he should be serving a suspension for his antics earlier this month.

Sgt. Virella, who heads up the office of professional standards for the police department, refused to assist a fellow officer in apprehending a suspect.

The local AFSCME president’s son apparently has what amounts to a no-show job with the sewer utility.

The administration may be giving themselves raises even though projections are for a sizeable deficit this year ($7+ million) and a promised budget has yet to be presented to council (gee, wonder why that is?)

Is there anybody in charge?

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G Spot said...

Excuse me Front SToop but, I think you need to "STAND DOWN" for a moment. Clear your head. There must be some way you can get a nice city government appointment and screw the pooch too! Don't be a hater, be the hated!