Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh no he didn't!

In yet another demonstration of his refusal to take any blame for the state of the city, Doug Palmer called a press conference today to “set the record straight.”

Let’s leave aside for the moment that just last week Palmer used the same approach to counter criticism of the proposal to sell off the Trenton Water Utility’s outlying distribution infrastructure. The man who claims to believe in “accountability” once again is blaming anyone and everyone, including his hand picked Library Board, for the problems in Trenton.

It was also interesting to note that the press conference was scheduled for the Mayor’s conference room, a smallish room barely able to contain the Mayor, his staff, City Council and representatives of the media. There was no room for the public. In fact, one well known citizen was actually turned away at the door with the explanation that the press conference was only for the media, council and department heads.

Interesting, since the opening paragraph of the prepared speech includes the line:
"I have asked you here today because I want the public to have benefit of additional information regarding the Trenton Library Board’s decision to close its four branches due to the City’s budget crisis."

As an aside, Kent Ashworth and Council President Paul Pintella offered apologies later on at the council conference session. But that doesn’t really make up for the obvious intent to exclude the public from the outset. Just like the insistence on holding the Tuesday conference sessions only in the conference room even when, as was the case today, the assembled public wishing to attend couldn’t be accommodated and so were held outside of an allegedly public meeting.

So much for an open and transparent government!

Then there is the content of the speech itself.

Palmer offered pleas of ignorance of the actions and decisions of the Board of Trustees of the Trenton Public Library even as he admitted that he appoints the members.

Hard to believe that long-time Palmer family friend, “second mother” and Board President, Adrienne Hayling, never confided in Doug about that status of the library or the plans to close branches. Just as it is hard to believe that his own sister, also a library board member, never mentioned any of this to Mr. Palmer.

Mr. Palmer is only fooling himself if he truly thinks the general public believes any of this.

It almost makes one wish he was off galavanting around the country again. When he's hear, his bogus sincerity and constant spinning of the truth are nauseating.

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Nicholas Stewart said...

We've been hearing about problems within the Trenton Free Library Program for at least a year. Why is it Dir. Bray's responsibility to alert City Council, again? City Council already knew about the condition of the agency. The TFL has been in trouble since its last full-time director resigned (Yes, resigned, he quit - he decided to leave because no one was listening to his warnings about the dire straits the library system as in).

Just once, would someone please take responsibility for their actions?

Making this out to be some kind of catastrophic event is extremely offensive. To any individual who claims to be involved in, or even a tiny bit knowledgable of city politics and administration, this ought to be causing uncontrollable outrage!

The situation has always been predictable. Spend more than you make and...

The city, in whole, is suffering from "severe" mismanagement. It is not experiencing a "severe" situation. It's been through a number of "severely" mismanaged years by the hands of Mayor Douglas H. Palmer and his administration.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Your household is managed by controlling cash flows into and out of the household bank account. It's the same for governments. Why do people think that "government" is so special? Why do people think that "governement" will save them? When will people realize that government is supported by taxing the people it governs. So, if the government wastes all of the money it receives from its tax base (not to mention the aid from the State of New Jersey) like Trenton has - led by Mayor Douglas Palmer, then what can it do other than go back to the people it governs and tax them more, beg for aid, and cut services and employment.

I tell it like this. People created government, not the other way around. Therefore, governement is susceptible to human error. Things do not happen in government without people causing things to. It is up to us, people, to fix the government.

Government is an idea. It is an entity that we created, which we theoretically control. The writing is on the wall. Our current government is pathetic and tired. It's time for rejuvenation and fresh thought. It's time for responsible decisions and accountable individuals.

The next time you're given an opportunity to vote for an executive of Trenton's administration, use it to vote for someone who will not only lead the city government into the future through valiant effort and consistent dedication but, will also be accountable for mistakes and failures.

Wasn't that taught while we were all children - to take responsibility for your actions?

Something no one is doing in Trenton these days.