Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Smug Palmer hints at Santiago stay

If that's the case, he'd better come with a large check in his hand.

Prior to Tuesday's press conference on the budget and proposed library closings speculation was rampant that an announcement was forthcoming regarding the continuation of former Police Director Santiago's tenure in Trenton.

As we know now, the prepared remarks were truly about the budget and the Mayor's "feigned" surprise at the plan to close the branch libraries.

Of course the question of Santiago's status...the court ordered deadline for his departure looms next week...was raised.

Both Kevin Shea of the Times and Joe D'Aquila of the Trentonian (article not posted to the web at this time) reported this morning that Palmer indicated Santiago might somehow remain as the head of the Trenton Police Department.

The guessing over the hows and whys such a turn of events might occur obscure two very large points.

The first, Mr. Santiago stated quite plainly last fall that if he had to move into the city to keep the job, he'd quit.

The second, the arrogant stubbornness shown by Palmer and Santiago in taking this matter through the courts with the cash strapped Trenton tax payers footing the bill for both sides of the case (Palmer and Santiago's defense as well as City Council's legal position as a plaintiff in the case).

While the pros and cons of Santiago's tenure as Police Director will no doubt be debated for years to come, one thing is quite clear: he thinks more of himself than the people he was hired to serve and the laws he is supposed to uphold.

If Palmer and his cronies want Santiago back so much that they have ferreted out yet another loophole, it had better be a good one.

We know that any pretense of Santiago establishing bona fide city residency will be scrutinized from every angle.

For now, the city waits for next week's 11th hour announcement from Palmer as to the vacant police director position. Rumors and speculation will continue to swirl.

We just hope if Santiago is somehow reappointed to a position on the city payroll that he comes to prepared to write a check payable to the City of Trenton in an amount equal to all the money spent on this wasteful exercise of the judicial system.

No pay, no play.

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