Friday, September 12, 2008

Trenton Reads...Not!

As the city reels from the announcement that the Library Board plans to close the four branches sometime in the next coming months, the Palmer PR machine (aka L.A. Parker) is in full spin.

In a piece appearing on the Trentonian website this morning, Mayor Palmer spreads the blame on everything from the economy to Governor Corzine. (There goes your shot at the Lt. Governor gig, Doug)


The false outrage and posturing by Palmer just doesn't wash.

First of all, the library funds are managed (mismanaged?) by the board of the Trenton Public Library (TPL). The members of the board are appointed by...all together now...the Mayor.

The board is headed by long-time Palmer family friend, Adrienne Hayling.

The board has failed the TPL by not being able to capitalize on the abundant funding the city has given it over the years.

The board has failed the TPL by not hiring, heeding and retaining top notch professional staff such as former Director, Scott Hughes.

Parker writes:
Palmer placed a portion of the blame on library officials whom he said are responsible for their operating budget.

The board needs to be a person. (We've said this before)

As for Mr. Palmer's assertions that it is "the economy" and/or the fault of the State, let's get real.

True, the economy is in the tank and we are all suffering. But the administration of the city has carried on as if nothing was wrong. The flagrant waste of money on lawsuits defending the former Police Director; the liberal take home car policy; the rampant police overtime spending; part-time assistants to the Mayor making five figure salaries...the list goes on. Each and every item adds up yet the administration refuses to openly detail their plans to live within its financial means.

And in typical Doug Palmer fashion, he suggests that
library officials could correct its financial difficulties via a fundraiser.
"The City would be more than willing to help with such an effort. I think city residents would support such an initiative," Palmer said.

He's kidding, right?

First he says it's partly the board's fault for the financial situation (the board he and only he appoints). Then he suggests they hold a fundraiser and the residents would get behind it and bring the TPL back to some sort of financial stability.

Nope. Not one voluntary dime until the board is restocked with people who understand their fiduciary responsibilities as trustees of the TPL.

And, Doug, if funding is the issue...why not forget about courting PSE&G, Verizon, Bank of America, etc. to fund your worthless "Jazz Festival" and the tired Heritage Days and ask them to direct their grants to the TPL (after you name a new board).

Like so many of the drastic problems facing Trenton today, this could have been avoided. But the quality of leadership from City Hall is so lacking that New Jersey's Capital City contiues its rapid decline to third world status.

Trenton is not just financially broke, it is ethically bankrupt.

If you want to know the real culprit in this Mr. Palmer, look in the mirror.


Mr. CleƤn said...

Well well well... How's that "legacy" looking, Dougie???

HizzMajesty King Douglas Palmer never fails to deliver. To wit:

Blaming his hand-picked lackeys? Whatever happened to "The buck stops here?" MAN UP, DOUGIE!!!

Asking for handouts? Wow, that's original, but what else could we expect? The state tit is running dry, so he expects John Q. Trentonian and/or private industry to break out the checkbook? Oh, that is rich.

I thank the Mayor for informing us that the economy's in the shitter. I had NO idea! One excuse fits all; how original.

BTW, you forgot to mention the piece in which King Douglas' Court Jester refers to his boss a potential "hero" in this situation.

Lastly, you suggest that Trenton hurtles headlong toward the Third World. I hold that ACHIEVING Third World status would be a massive achievement in these parts.

Old Mill Hill said...

Yeah, isn't it rich that Doug continually complains that there is not enough public largesse to fund his fiefdom in the manner to which he's become accustomed?

I choose not to heed L.A. Parker's worship of his "boss."

As for Trenton's 3rd World status...thankfully, PSE&G manages to keep the electric on 99.9% of the time. That's about the only thing that keeps us clinging to our higher standard of living.

Dan Dodson said...

Perhaps there is a silver lining here. For the first time citizens are seeing an entire city service come crashing to the ground.

There can be no better testament to Trenton's mismanagement than closing up the libraries and hiking the water by 40%.

As I've said on my own blog, Trenton is slowly going bankrupt. Perhaps this is the wake-up call Trenton's parents needed.

Old Mill Hill said...


Your arguments for the fiscal demise of the city are, as usual, well presented.

And for several years now there have been others warning of the coming financial crisis.

Let us hope that you are correct and the Library mess becomes the clarion call that alerts the citizenry that all is not well in river city.