Thursday, April 01, 2010

More dollars, less sense.

"For Trenton, because of shoestring budgets that have always reflected little money, reduced money, or no money – we are accustomed to the idea of doing more with less."
                                                                                                    --- Doug Palmer, March 30, 2010

Yet he can haphazardly mail invitations to his speech…in several instances mailing two invites to the same person and address at nearly half again the required postal rate.  Maybe he meant to say "doing less but costing more."

We recognize that we’re talking pennies here: 61 cents vs. 44 cents; even when multiplied by the hundreds of letters that were mailed out.

This is indicative of the Palmer administration’s careless and wasteful ways. At least he didn’t have the invitation letters FedEx-ed to the mailing list.

Thanks for an excellent demonstration of your style of fiscal management, Doug. Your credibility shrinks with each and every passing day.

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New Leadership 2010 said...

If Mayor Doug is accustomed to doing more with less then let's see what he pulls out of his magic hat now that his Water Works deal has received an overhand smash back at him. Why haven't we heard any solutions whatsoever from our Council representatives that are running for the Mayor's seat. Ms. Lartique, Mr. Segura, and Mr. Pintella were elected to assist in governing Trenton. They are the Legislative branch of our city government. They are supposed to be the check and balance to the executive not head bobbing puppets to any thing he desires. Mr. Jackson as Mayor Palmer's appointee supported the Water Works sale without a vote from the residents. They should all be shamed. Their collective silence is deafening and a clear indication that they are currently overmatched by the magnitude of the issue and unprepared to be our next Mayor and to lead Trenton's future.