Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The people will have a say in Trenton water deal

The New Jersey Supreme Court published it's ruling today in the case regarding the proposed sell off of the outlaying portion of the city owned water utility.  The court voted 5 - 1 to reverse the Appellate Courts ruling that the right to referendum was not applicable in this case.

This is the second time in recent years that the Palmer administration has fought, at considerable cost to the taxpayers of the cash strapped city, to prevent the public from having it's say on an ordinance passed by city council. 

And it is the second time that the Palmer administration has failed in its attempt to circumvent the public's right to referendum.

It is not known at this point what this actually means for the proposed separation of the existing Trenton Water Works (TWW) into two parts, one serving customers within the city of Trenton and the other, larger portion, serving customers in the adjacent suburbs.  The "outside" portion was slated to be sold to New Jersey American Water Company (NJAW), a devision of a large, international, private water company.

It is possible that the lame duck city council could seek to rescind the ordinance approving the sale.  More than likely, if either side terminates the agreement, it would be NJAW.

Should the ordinance go to referendum, the vote probably will not occur until November's general election.


Change Agent said...

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish in Trenton despite what happens within the confines of City Hall. Congratulations to the residents that fought the good fight. Now we all need to prepare for the upcoming May election and rid City Hall of all those that supported the sale without a referendum and those that sat idly bye and just watched the abuse of the citizens Constitutional right to oppose ordinances that they disagree with. It is time for new innovative leadership. We need a Mayor and Council that respects the residents as a partner in the revitalization of Trenton. It is time that we elect people that appreciate that this is a representative form of government and not the King and his Court. Let's select a new Mayor who will empower the people and partner with them to move Trenton into a brighter future

Alli- Food & Water Watch Intern said...

Food & Water Watch congratulates Trenton on this victory for public water! We've long be an advocate for keeping the public in control of water. Read our press release concerning the decision at http://bit.ly/NJ_Victory.