Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rally this!

L.A. Parker and others are right.

Having a rally, or a march, and having Al Sharpton, Russel Simmons, or other notables show up is NOT the solution to Trenton's woes.  It is but another cheap political stunt by Emmanuel Shahid Watson ben Avaraham and a chance to grab some headlines for Mssrs. Sharpton and Simmons*.

Self-promotion at the expense of a poor little girl and her family.

Of course, Mr. Parker doesn't mind going on the radio in another city to speak about the case.  He's just as guilty of self-promotion as the others.

*We have just learned that Mr. Simmons has announced he will not attend this event as per a post here.  Seems either Mr. Simmons' name was being tossed out there without his permission or he came to think there were better ways to help.  Good for him!

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Anonymous said...

Good Reporting, Better then The Trentonian no Doubt.