Monday, May 05, 2008

Did we forget something?

A quick scan of the docket for Thursday evening's City Council meeting revealed an omission.

There is no resolution to approve the $200,000 expenditure for new guns for the Trenton Police Department.

Last week, former* Director Santiago and his band of merry followers flooded council with information on why the purchase of the new Springfield Armory weapons was a good deal and the acceptance of an offer of free replacements from the current supplier,Glock, was not.

But when the docket was published, posted and mailed such resolution was to be found.

Has it been withdrawn? If so, by whom and why?

It's not beyond the administration to withdraw a resolution that they suspect will fail rather than suffer the public humiliation of not getting its way. Look how E-Path (already voted down once) suddenly disappeared from the agenda last week.

Was the gun purchase resolution left off in "error?"

Or was this another instance of the administration subtly trying to manipulate things by leaving the item off only to have it added at the last minute. This wouldn't be the first time controversial docket items have been left out of the widely distributed version, only to show up on the day of the expected vote.

Yes, it seems like the Palmer administration is up to the same old tricks. Fortunately for Trenton, there is an alert group of citizen watchdogs who have helped some members of City Council find their voice.

The administration may suffer from memory lapses, but we haven't.

*We've noticed lately that some members of the community have started referring to Joe Santiago as the "former" Police Director due to the recent rulings in his residency case. It seems appropriate and correct to adopt that same mode of reference and we will now do so.

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