Thursday, May 08, 2008

Oh yeah? Well how do you like this?

More spite from the spurned

In the latest round of tit for tat, "former" Police Director Santiago and the Palmer Administration have deemed it a matter of efficiency to disband the Vice (Narcotics Enforcement) Unit and fold those seven detectives in the Criminal Investigation Bureau and TAC units.

It is simply another questionable management move from the man who refuses to live in the town he purports to serve and smacks of retaliation to those who have sought his removal for that very lack of residency.

It is also a continued knee-jerk response to last year's complaints of increasingly excessive police overtime expenses.

Funny thing, how he who once spent money like there was no tomorrow is now so fiscally conservative that he'd do away with a functioning police unit that actually brought in significant revenue by earning it's share of forfeiture funds and property.

Of course, this same top notch, non-resident manager is also the one lobbying for a $200,000 expenditure for new guns that the city could get for free from another supplier.

Gee---he couldn't be upset at the fact that so many have spoken out against that purchase that he's killing of the Vice unit out of spite, could he?

Wanna bet?

Just like out thin-skinned, egotistical and too often absent Mayor, Joseph Santiago is demonstrating similar child-like attributes.

The man who insisted we needed a mounted untold costs for boarding, vet bills, tack, training, transportation, etc. is suddenly throwing a fiscal hissy fit.

The arrogance of the "former" Police Director is exceeded only by his incompetent leadership.

His final departure from Trenton cannot come soon enough.


Glennard said...

Well I think the vice guys should look at it this way. A month off. Then Santiago gets the boot and they will be back together. Hey maybe Santiago can start riding one of the mounted police horses home. Can you imagine the clean up required all the way along the highway to Stirling. Especially if the horse makes a mess too. Wow. Joe Santiago Police Director bye bye!

Chrissy said...

Santiago has a stay, but I hope council is keeping close watch on this, as so many of our council people -- including the puppet Pintella -- have expressed dismay over the very obvious open-air drug dealing that happens in Trenton. And it will only get worse without Vice. It's good council has been growing a collective spine, because maybe in the coming months, if (heaven forbid) Santiago should be allowed to stay in his position, the council people will get tired of all the drug dealers on their corners and porches and will finally do what they should have done months ago, and fired Santiago's ass once and for all. He is part of the problem. Period.

Old Mill Hill said...

Good point, Chrissy.

What will the open air drug markets look like in a couple of weeks when there is no concerted, long term surveillance of the upper level dealers?

City Council needs to get their act together and boot the former director back to Stirling once and for all.