Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Palmer: "I might run for mayor again"

"I don't know."

There it was in black and white on page two of the Trentonian.

Three quarters of the way through Jack Knarr's piece on Doug Palmer, Trenton's "Missing Mayor" admitted he didn't know what might be next and that a run for another term was possible.

Veteran city watchers have not ruled out this possibility, despite Palmer's previous proclamations to the contrary.

Where some saw Doug riding to Washington D.C. on the Clinton campaign train, that dream seems to have derailed. And even if the New York Senator's fortunes were to change, those in the know feel she is too smart to keep Mr. Palmer around.

Speaking about a potential run for Congress, Doug dismissed it as not being "enough hands-on." Interesting comment from a man who seems so detached and isolated from his duties as Mayor, not to mention the people he was elected to serve.

We also found it intriguing that there was no mention in Knarr's article about Palmer running as New Jersey's first Lt. Governor. Doug expressed interest in that post when it was created. Problem could be that he'd have to be picked by the gubernatorial candidate and Doug Palmer is just not solid enough in state Dem circles to get the nod.

So there you have it kids. The 2010 municipal elections in Trenton just got a little more interesting.

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