Monday, May 05, 2008

Where in the world is Douglas H. Palmer?

On the stump with Bubba

This morning's news coverage of the never ending primary season included footage former President Clinton in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. There, on the platform with Mr. Clinton was none other than Trenton's own "missing mayor," Doug Palmer.

This shows just how dedicated to the 'cause of Trenton Mr. Palmer is.

It easy to see that our cash strapped coffers, crumbling infrastructure, failing schools and such don't amount to anything compared to some face time on national TV in the shadow of the Clintons.

The latest line on the stoop is that regardless of Ms. Bubba's turn of fortune, Mr. Palmer is not going to Washington.

Instead of wasting all his time and pandering to the would be dynasty, he should be here in Trenton taking care of business.

Obviously, he disagrees.

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