Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And then there were 40

Former Cop tosses hat in ring

Michael "Mickey" Forker has added his name to the list of potential candidates for elected office in the City of Trenton.  Forker, who Doug Palmer decided to engage in a shout down at last week's council meeting, will seek one of the three At-Large Council seats.

There are now an average of five candidates for each of the eight possible seats (mayor and seven council) up for grabs in the May 11 city election.  The abundance of choice has left many observers scratching their heads and asking "why so many?"

We have to wonder as well.

Yes, it's guaranteed to be a new configuration of public officials since too-long Mayor Doug Palmer is not seeking re-election.  But with three current Councilpersons (Lartigue, Pintella, Segura) seeking to replace Palmer, voters need to ask themselves just how different will things be if one of them gets elected.

With those three seeking higher officer, and Councilpersons Bethea, Melone, and Staton not seeking re-election, the door has opened for a cadre of wannabes and hangerson to take a shot at one of the seats.

Never mind that some have never been heard from prior to the start of "silly season" or that others only pop up every four years or so; all seem to think they have the answers.

We just hope whoever is sworn in on July 1 is given a hard hat because we don't think it will be too much later that the roof on city hall will start to cave in as the real truth about the mismanagement of the past two decades comes to light.

Good luck, Trenton.

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