Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trenton makes the list

Now if we can just keep the developers with Eminent Domain dreams at bay.

This Old House magazine has just spotlighted Trenton's Greenwood-Hamilton Historic District as one it's "Best Old House Neighborhoods for 2010:the Northeast."

The inclusion demonstrates what many have said for so long: Trenton's housing stock is an underappreciated asset. The historic flavor and quality of construction cannot be matched today.  The city needs to encourage the restoration and marketing of these homes and neighborhoods as a way to bring Trenton back.

Small scale redevelopment makes so much more sense than the large, subsidized projects that will envariably require the taking of private property and the loss of some great buildings.

All prospective developers and elected official wannabes need to take note and adjust their plans and schemes accordingly.


Patricia Stewart said...

What good news!! I'm readt to pay for 100 reprints of this article to pass around. For years, I've saying the 19th century housing stock is one of Trenton's greatest assets. Please get to me - phstew517@gmail.com. Thank you. Patricia Stewart

Taneshia said...

This is my 'hood and I love it and the variety of the architectural styles in it.

Mistër Cleän said...

It's about time we made a good list.