Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't blame this on Trenton

Fried fractures facts

Robbinsville, NJ Mayor David Fried proudly announced that his township will be having a St. Patrick’s Parade* on Sunday March 14.

As part of the rationale behind the move, Fried claims that Robbinsville has never been asked to join in Trenton’s parade…the largest in Mercer County.
“We’ve never been invited to march in the Trenton parade,” Mayor Fried said. “I don’t know why. Mayor Palmer and I get along great; I think maybe it’s just a distance issue.”
Mayor Fried is point blank wrong.

The parade in Trenton, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is not a city function. If it was, it would most likely not be as large, well attended or successful. The Trenton event is organized and produced by the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Scholarship Committee,* a non-profit corporation.

The argument that Trenton’s Mayor never invited Robbinsville to participate is completely without merit. Fried should know better and so should the Trentonian reporters who contributed to the staff report.

If Robbinsville wants its own parade…and wants Fried to serve as Grand Marshall, so be it. But let’s not suggest that the city of Trenton has in any way slighted Robbinsville or Mayor Fried by not inviting the suburban township to participate.

Mayor Fried should apologize for his patently false insinuation that the City of Trenton has anything to do with selecting participants for the annual St. Patrick’s Parade.

*Let’s be totally accurate…if any parade, Trenton’s or Robbinsville’s…doesn’t take place on March 17, it is not a St. Patrick’s DAY Parade. It is a St. Patrick’s Parade, period.


Anonymous said...

F Robbinsville, F White Flight Pizza, and F David Fried. Your town blows.

Chrissy said...

I'd hope, if Trenton were in charge of the parade, that the city would snub Robbinsville. Where is their parade going to be, anyway? Retirement community? Rt. 130? That Fake Town Center thing?

And, why would Palmer bother to invite anyone to an event he can't bother to attend, anyway?