Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The F does not stand for Finesse

Tired of having the failings and foibles of his administration splayed across the front page of the Trentonian, Mayor Tony F. Mack has apparently declared the city tabloid as “paper non grata” in city hall. One of the mayor’s minions halted Tuesday’s delivery of the Trentonian and an email has surfaced that suggests the administration is seeking to cancel its subscription to the paper.

Former Mayor Doug Palmer’s thin skin and sensitivity to criticism, while well known, never quite reached the level of Mayor Mack’s apparent discomfort. Of course Palmer may not have made quite as many missteps in so short a time as Tony Mack has, either. Still, Palmer understood the need to keep “friends close and enemies closer” and never turned his back on either of Trenton’s dailies that we can recall. He may have challenged their assertions and reporting but he didn’t cut off their access to city hall.

Mayor Mack’s overreaction is another story; a front page story.

Strange and heavy handed move for a man who promised a transparent government that was accountable to the public.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for holding the Mayor's feet to the fire. We at New Trenton Mayor 2010 ( have regretfully sat bye and watched for some time. The Honeymoon is officially over and we are back posting. Stop bye and read our new post. Keep up the good work.